What housing improvements are paying off (and which ones do not)


There are two main reasons why people take on home improvement projects: for their own pleasure and in the hope of increasing the resale value of their homes. As long as you spend time and money for the first reason, you will agree. That's when you start thinking more about the second reason that you might be in a disappointment. Even if the improvements add value to your home, few of them recover the money that they cost. For example, a swimming pool, which costs tens of thousands of dollars to install, adds little or no resale value to a home. People are turned off from the point of view of maintenance, and parents with young children worry about safety issues.

So, what improvements add value enough to get you closer to what you spend? These are the very visible improvements that will help the most. Unfortunately, the less visible do not impress. Replacing the roof or furnace, even if they may need to do so, will not convince the buyer to pay more. Similarly, the new energy efficient windows and doors are not likely to offset the cost of installation (however, if you will continue to live at home for the next few years, $ 1,000 spent for insulation and the caulking existing doors and windows can help you save on your energy bills).

The biggest home improvement you can do to impress buyers (and make them want to pay more) is one of the least expensive. To paint. As long as you choose colors that will appeal to a wide audience – and you do it right before you have a list (before it has time to get high) – you'll increase # 39; s appeal. Similarly, crown molding is reliable and inexpensive to install but adds the wow factor to otherwise regular parts.

So, what else is worth doing? You may have heard that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell a house, and that's true, but do not think you have to spend tens of thousands on a renovation of the entire room. Getting rid of old-fashioned wallpaper or paint will help a lot. Sand and paint / dye the old cabinet doors to make them look new. Turn off the dated cabinetry for something stylish and modern.

Whenever you can take the dead space (an attic or basement) and turn it into a functional space (bedroom, office, press room), you have a good chance of recovering a great deal part of your money. 85% of the cost returned for resale is the national average).

If your home has only one bathroom, you can recover about 90% of the cost by adding a second. (Adding a third party is less important).

The landscaping can also enhance the attractiveness and profitability of a home, but do not spend thousands for hiring a professional (this is not a problem). will not increase the value nearby). S tackle landscaping projects that you can do yourself instead.

Keep this advice in mind before opening your wallet to enter into contracts and purchase materials for massive renovation projects. If you are going to spend a lot, make sure that it is first and foremost for you and your family, with the resale of the home a distant second consideration.


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