What is a beat window?


If you have a chance at home, you have a window with shutters … or two … or three. These windows make an excellent choice for any home because they are beautiful, they are functional and they help create a great attraction.

A window to window is a window that is hinged to one side or the top and You open it in the exterior of your house with a crank mechanism. Because it is by hand, you can choose the amount you open each window, allowing you to customize the airflow in and out of your home. Too windy? Simply return the window so it is not damaged. Beautiful breeze? Simply open it all the way to reap all the rewards of fresh air.

Hinged windows get their name because they are made up of one or more windows or windows. They can be stand alone or be used in a window arrangement that we call bay or bow configurations so that they are versatile and well used in construction projects.

They can be made of metal, vinyl or wood and they give clean, uninterrupted, because there is no wood beam through them like their double counterparts. So the view is great, the airflow is excellent and the look is great. Is there a disadvantage?

One of the big competitors with regard to swinging windows, is that they come out of your house to open. This means that if you have a tree or terrace just outside, the tree will be hit and / or the window itself could become a danger to people who come in or hit it with it While it is open. Therefore, many do not use this type of window on the first floor of their homes, unless there is nothing outside to act as an obstacle.

Cleaning shutters are easy, you simply open them and you can usually get most of both sides of one side of your home. Otherwise, you can always close them and clean the outside of the exterior and interior of the interior. Remember that it is a great idea to have a professional glass cleaner at least once a year to give all your windows a thorough cleaning. Not only does your house sparkle, but the cleaner can give you tips on your windows and inform you of the problems that he can see from the outside.


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