What is a subsidy for the improvement of housing?


Home improvement loans differ from remodeling grants to the extent that the total amount of a loan must be repaid to the lender while a grant may be considered as a type of gift. However, it is unusual to get the total amount of repairs or improvements to your home, so the costs will have to be partially covered by yourself.

Am I eligible for a renovation grant?

1. Owners aged 62 and over

2. Low income families

3. Applicants who have bad credit

A professional inspector is sent home in one of these scenarios to determine if repairs or a renewal are required.

Before money is offered, you will need to undergo an inspection by a professional who will use it to determine exactly what renewals or repairs are actually needed.

Depending on the type of grant you are applying for, you will be paid at one time or in payments. A good place to start looking is your local or government offices or websites. It is also interesting to contact your local department of personal services. Each organization sets its own rules on who will receive a renovation grant.

Because government organizations and institutions give grants that are attached to the area in which they work, you will have to find grants that are appropriate to the nature of your repair. If, for example, the desired repair is for your waste management system, you can get a subsidy from the environment office.

If you are refused for a renovation grant, then you will have to turn to more traditional methods and try a subsidized loan. There are many available with interest rates between 1% and 5% and are usually set up so that repayments cover a longer period. Do your research first and never borrow beyond your means.


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