What is involved in obtaining custom home design plans?


The first order of the day is to buy a lot. A truly personalized house design is specially designed for the lot on which it is located. Please read the article online EzineArticles "Buy a lot to get a custom designed home" for what to consider. A survey will be needed before the custom house design can begin. If it is an older property, there should be one in the closing documents.

Now, there are some home design homework to do before you even buy a lot. You must know what you want at home and what is the goal to achieve to know what size should have the lot.

This duty is the first step in the design of the house. No matter the designer's talent, they depend on you for it to be a personalized design with communication being the key. So, do not be shy about providing everything you've accumulated or generated, whether it's images, notes, spreadsheets or anything else that helps to present what you want. Whether you provide a lot of material or not at all because it is the responsibility of the designers to discuss everything related to the project.

The initial meeting or meetings of the design conference will be to completely define the house of your dreams.

The footage will determine the cost more than anything else and should be the first consideration. How many stories and what exterior style and finishing material should be defined. Each piece should be discussed to determine size, raised ceilings, flooring or other features. The first factor determining the location of the rooms is the view that they will have. If there is a beautiful rear view, just take advantage of these rooms to define them. A staircase, if any, often has expectations that go with it, be it the railing, the finish or the location. If this is considered a functional need, then a location requiring less finishing costs than a home can be considered. Will the house be open for the family room, breakfast and kitchen to be open to each other? All aspects of cooking should be defined. Especially if there is an island and all devices and their locations. It is often useful to know what are the sequences of current kitchen cabinets to ensure equal or higher speaker images. It is necessary to have a private office space of the kitchen to pay the bills. Would a backpack, a hobby or storage space for sports with cabinets outside the garage would be helpful. All the features of the laundry including an integrated ironing board should be considered. If there is a pool, there must be a pool bath or the water room can be located near the back. Is the main bath to be more functional or luxurious or something in between. How many bathrooms. Will there be a game room, a study, a hobby room or any other room not considered as data? Are niches of art or desired cornices. This is a necessary minimum to start a design drawing.

If due diligence has not been so complete, there is a good chance you will not get the design of your dream home. No matter how creative it is if it's not what you imagined then it's a failed design. I do not suggest removing creative freedom only that all expectations must be communicated. Make sure the designer asks all the right questions or make sure you volunteer them. Alternatively, just consider another designer because it is difficult to correct a design that goes in the wrong direction.

It is only when the scope of the design has been completely defined that the design drawing must begin. The main goal should be to meet the design criteria in the most efficient way possible while being creative.

The next meeting will consist of reviewing the preliminary design that usually consists of floor plans without all the construction details, the front elevation and the parcel plan showing the house located on the ground.

This is the first time to know if you are on the same page as your designer. That's why due diligence was so critical. Hopefully all the revisions will be minimal but most importantly, none will cause a compromise to the design. Sometimes even with all the communication needed, the design is still not what was expected. Unfortunately, this is often the case for the designer who substitutes his preferences. This is another reason to define what is expected. If this has been discussed, there is no excuse that it has never been communicated. Keep up to date even if it means starting the design again.

A designer is responsible for informing a client that he / she thinks he / she is making a mistake. Once the customer knows why you are worried, they will agree. It is never acceptable to ignore a customer's wishes or substitute your own preferences.

This preliminary design meeting is also the time to discuss in-depth details such as lighting, cabinet styles and finishes if that has not been done. If the revisions are such that it would be prudent to re-examine the preliminary once that is done, that would be the next step. If the revisions are minor, the design is ready to be finalized.

The next meeting will be to review the finalized drawings. Expect to see plans with electrical outlets and switches or separate electrical plans, interior elevations (cabinets and other views), exterior elevations, cross sections if necessary (always on two or three floors). Plans must adhere to the appropriate codes, ordinances and subdivision restrictions where they will be constructed.

Once the revisions are complete, the building sets can be run. In addition, the foundation and structure must be designed.

So, to review the design process because it may seem daunting or overwhelming, design conference meeting (s), preliminary design meeting, finalized design meeting and building sets. Seems less if all is well. Mainly it is that there are so many decisions to make. So do yourself a favor and do your homework so that you have less to do all at once. Plan ahead too and allocate an appropriate amount of time to the design process. It can vary significantly depending on the designer and the market but two months at least and preferably three months. The more stress comes with waiting until you are ready to move to start the process and then get angry through it. When someone says "I would have liked to have read it", it's usually because there was not a good time for discussion or revision . Most people hope to live and enjoy the home of their dreams for the rest of their lives, so spend the little time needed through the design process to get there.


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