What Is The Best Treatment For Acne?


Is there an effective treatment for acne by a doctor or dermatologist? In this era; is the alternative solution to cure acne naturally a myth or a fact? Do you believe that there is an instant miracle cure by administering conventional medications and creams on beneficial symptoms? The fact is acne, among other diseases can not be cured simply.

However, most people with acne problems always go to a dermatologist for treatment. Dermatologists are respected by most people as specialists in their field. Their solution to most suffer by addressing the problem on external symptoms and they can not tell patients what are the causes of acne, but they are highly the result of overactive glands in our skin.

In contrast, a Chinese doctor thinks that it is the internal conditions of the Yin and Yang imbalance that cause "heat" in the internal organs, which causes the formation of your acne outside of your body, especially your face in the first place. If you do not agree with me, do your own research and consult your dermatologist.
There is a saying in the Chinese idiom; "to clear the grasses without getting rid of their root, the grasses will grow again when the summer winds blow". It is the wonderful analogy that best describes the Western principle of clinical acne treatment.

Since the source of the problem; the root cause that affects the growth of acne on the outside is not eliminated. Clinical treatment is not an effective treatment of acne permanently; he will fall back in time.

Everyone seems to be content to find ways to "control acne" or "live with acne" as a chronic disease. Nobody is there to care for anyone because there is little financial incentive to do so. Instead, keeping yourself temporarily cured that sincerely deal with the symptoms while ignoring the source or the internal cause of the illness is really somebody to do for you these days. In doing so, people will increasingly depend on medications that will temporarily calm symptoms; they are forced to buy all the same medications and creams again and again … If anyone shows you how to cure acne … they would not have earned much of it. money from you, right?

I do not know about you, but for me, I do not want to depend on a big pharmaceutical company to keep my face radiant and healthy just so that I can give them more than my hard earned money every month , merry know that there is no medicine to "heal".

Today, treating acne with drugs brings millions of dollars every day worldwide to doctors, dermatologists and pharmaceutical companies.
With this kind of money at stake, the big pharmaceutical company will silence information about "natural" treatment and alternative treatment.


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