What is the cost to build a basement?


The cost of digging a basement hole on our 1800 square foot home was only $ 790. However, I have the impression that you want to know more than just the cost of digging the hole in the basement.

Some of the other costs you will probably want to know are:

– You need to dig the hole in the basement, which, as I said, was $ 790.

– How about paying soles and foundations, which costs between $ 6 and $ 7,000

– Then $ 1.00 per square foot x 1800 square feet = $ 1800.

– Put in sub-coarse plumbing that can be $ 1,000 plus the cost of gravel and shovel loads.

– There are windows for your basement which includes window dollars of nearly $ 500 (4 windows) and $ 500 wavy window wells … total of $ 1000 + or -.

– The actual windows cost $ 400 depending on the case if you have a strike The basement with sliding glass doors, which would be more the cost of slides.

– Waterproof walls of the basement to prevent leaks in the walls will be several hundred dollars.

– The cost of filling around your basement adds a few hundred more.

– The last question is how important is your basement? Be?

This figure of $ 790 to dig a basement has suddenly become a lot more, is not it? The reality is, however, that the actual cost involves only a few of the above elements: digging the hole, floor cement and windows, window walls and window wells.

You still have either a poor cement slab, or set up and foundations, which in the case of the latter, go down to the frost level. You always have a backfill if you have a basement or not. You always have a sub-coarse plumbing, with gravel in front of the slab. With a slab, you will also have furnace lines.

Even if you have all the above elements to consider in building a basement, there are still a few thousand dollars more to add a basement compared to the cost Total construction of your home.

Since your home can be worth $ 250,000 to $ 400,000, your basement will probably only cost $ 7,000 to $ 10,000 + added to the cost. In any case, there is no better investment for these extra 10 K compared to the doubling of the first level living space, which a basement adds.

As an example, consider the storage space that it adds to your home. If you did not have to rent a storage space, what would you save each month? Or would not it be nice to park the car in the garage instead of using it for storage space?

In addition, the basement maintains a uniform temperature of about 59 degrees all year, so the cost of air-conditioning in summer is considerably reduced compared to Air conditioning a superior story with the same amount of floor space.

If you build your house on a hill, a disconcerting basement allows a nice feature opening the basement so it does not feel so "deep" in the ground.

Many people put at home theaters in the basement area which has no windows.

The hot oven The water tank and the water softener can go into the basement furnace supply room and do not occupy a valuable floor space main.

Some parts of the country are too close to sea level to have a basement, but if you live inland, having a basement is a real advantage over Cost of setting up N. To dig a basement is an economical way to increase the area of ​​your home.

In reality, what is the cost of digging a basement? Very little, and the benefits outweigh the negatives.


Source by Linda M Baxter

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