What is Truckload Freight?


The trucking industry can be divided into two segments: LTL and LTL (sometimes referred to as full truck or FTL). LTL Freight is for small shipments, typically weighing less than 5,000 pounds. With LTL, carriers will consolidate many small shipments from a number of customers into a single trailer. It's often profitable, but takes longer compared to truck freight (which often travels directly from the origin to the destination).

Truck freight usually starts at 5,000 lbs and up and is transported in a dedicated trailer (full truck). grouped with other shipments (partial load). Truckload can mean (among other things):

Reefer: This is a refrigerated truck trailer. There are truck carriers that specialize with reefers only.

Flatbed: This is an open cassette. There are truck transporters who specialize with flatbeds only.

Stage Bridge: This is a flat bed that falls to allow for greater cargo

Van: This is a closed trailer

There are thousands of truck / platform carriers in the United States, and finding the right one to move your freight can be a daunting task. For fully loaded consignments weighing more than 5,000 lbs, it may be advantageous to retain the services of a reputable broker or truck dealer. Large lot carriers often work with many full truckers and add value by checking carriers, checking their safety records, insurance and credentials. They can also save you money by shopping for a more competitive trucking quote.

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