What makes a good house design?


A house design from an architect's point of view is not just brick walls painted with expensive colors and finishes. Many factors come into play when designing any architectural building.

Architects prefer two types of approaches when designing a residential building. In the first type, the architect focuses on the client's requirements with regard to the number of spaces, style, budget. He can discuss various aspects with his client and propose a unique house design that is the best possible solution for the needs of his client.

On the other hand, some architects think the opposite. They first visualize the complete shape of the house and then "fit" the spaces needed inside this form in the best possible way. One of

The best example of this type of design is the "Guggenheim Museum" of New York designed by Frank Lloyd Wright architect.

This museum was designed from an inverted cone shape pointing to the ground. The rest of the museum spaces were very "creative" cone-shaped without disturbing the

Massification of the cone itself. This type of design practice requires a lot of control over the visualization and design of the circulation spaces in the building.

So, which one is the right method? Both are correct methods, because the success of any building design does not depend on the design methods but on the comfort levels of the residents.

If a house building can not provide the basic comfort to sufficient sunlight residents, clear traffic spaces, then it can be said that it is a failure. Meeting these basic requirements of a design house does not depend at all on expensive construction methods.

Even a low-cost building can be an excellent concept that makes full use of all natural resources to make residents comfortable. That's why good design does not mean "expensive design". in the

The modern simplicity of contemporary design styles is the key to better design and interiors. The design that can solve the basic functional problem and that triggers the emotional impulse in the user is considered a good design.


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