What makes a quality window? Frame, glass, manufacturing, installation, service and good warranty


Many valuable things about a replacement window are things you can not see. There is so much more than the glass you are looking at: it 's the frame, manufacturing, installation, service and warranty. When you buy a window, you pay for the quality of the materials as well as the quality of the installation and the reliability of the customer service. Quality means a window that will last, look good for years and give you a good return on your investment by being energy efficient.

Sometimes the price is not the clear indicator of quality and value. Here's how to distinguish quality windows.

The window frame

You may or may not realize the controversy over the vinyl. But vinyl is not considered the best material for window frames. The US Department of Energy has issued several warnings over the years that vinyl window frames will deform, squirm, tilt and crack. And as you know, wood is not also a maintenance – free investment. But there is a new patented material that blends wood and vinyl into a composite. Vinyl can not deform and detach from wood. So no water enters the wood and the wood can not rot. This material is called Fibrex and is manufactured by Andersen Windows. You get the strength of wood and maintenance-free vinyl quality. This is a win-win situation: you will never have to replace your windows again.

This is not only what the windows are … this is also how to ] They are made that counts. For a window to open and close easily and has an airtight seal, it must fit perfectly to your home. The problem is that each house is different and that the windows openings also have different sizes. The houses settle over time and cause more deviations in the measurements. The best windows are customized, then custom made to fit your home; They are not removed from an assembly line. Custom windows can cost a little more, but the choice of one-size-fits-all windows will cost you a lot more at the end, because if your windows are not waterproof, you lose energy, You can not afford to lose.

The right glass

The glass by itself is not a good insulator, so the window glass needs a little Help if this will save you money on energy bills. Choose a window glass that has a Low-E coating. It is a micro-thin coating of metals such as oxide or silver, which is laminated on glass. You can even double your energy efficiency with Low-E glass double glazing. Your window now has two pieces of glass with a thin layer of air sandwiched between the two. When argon gas is added to this air sandwich, it improves even more efficiency, because argon is more dense than air alone. Whatever the case, Low-E coating is essential to thermal efficiency. Professional installation

The world's most energy efficient window will not give you good energy efficiency If it is not installed properly. So if you want your windows to avoid leaks, drafts and security of your home, you should know that the company has trained and / or hired professional installers. Some installers are paid by the number of windows they install in a day. Naturally, they want to put as many windows as possible. Paid installers at the time, however, are paid to do a job well, not quickly. They take their time and ensure that your windows are installed perfectly inside and out, and underneath.

Intelligent insulation

Once the installer has placed the replacement window in the opening, Le nivelle and makes it square it remains A space between the window and the wall. To protect your home from heat loss and currents of air, you need insulation in this space. Some installers face the gap, others simply isolate or use foam on a large scale. The cheap foam can expand too much and press against the window frame, causing the frame to deform over time. The best insulating foam develops slightly. The foam develops just to fill the holes or holes; However, no pressure is exerted on the window frame, so that the integrity of the window remains intact. Smart, huh?

When you need parts or support

Can you trust the company with which you have bought your new windows To continue transporting parts for your Windows? This proprietary dilemma arises when there is a problem with a window several years after the purchase and the window has been interrupted. And the company does not store parts for abandoned windows. They can not replace the defective window because the window is no longer manufactured. You have to consider this fact because you do not want to buy a window and end up having to replace all of it. The best window companies keep the parts in stock for years and years, long after the model or style of origin has not been interrupted.


Finally, make sure that you are familiar with the company warranty. Do they offer a good guarantee? What does it cover? What is it that is not? A reputable company that has confidence in its products and its installation process will offer an excellent guarantee.

All these factors combine to create a better quality window than your money can buy. And a good quality window will cost you less because it will last and last.

Some windows companies are so confident in their window and their installation that they guarantee the upgrade of their windows. Even fewer of them give a warranty that covers all the problems, even accidental breakages. Gerry Rogers of Mr. Rogers Windows gives customers a Lifetime Performance Guarantee. This represents 100% parts and labor as long as you have the house, no matter what the problem. No problem. For life.


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