What not to bring to the Christmas party?


The Christmas holiday season is often at the root of some serious faux pas. Flashing Christmas tree earrings, reindeer riders and inappropriate Christmas disguises are all part of a long list of mistakes where too much personality is brought to an office event!

be a very discouraging experience and what to wear can be a big part of this dilemma. There is a tip for all Office Christmas party templates:


Because most of your colleagues only see you at work, it's tempting to put in an excessive effort with an outfit that says, "That's really what I am! the company's Christmas party is really not the time to expose "the real you". Stay with the personality you have developed in the office, no matter what it may be.

Dress too alternative, too sexy, or just plain bad and you'll probably get unwanted attention at Christmas.

Follow these tips and Christmas party ideas to make sure you show up for work for the new year without holding your head shameful: –

– Do a little research. Your Christmas party at the office will have a dress code (casual, semi-formal, formal, black tie, etc.) so make sure you know what it is. Also, ask your colleagues what they wear so you know you will adapt.

– Even if your Christmas party is not near the office, you must remember that it is an office Christmas party. Do not wear something that you do not want your boss to see you because they will!

– If you want to show yourself, do it with accessories. A beautiful watch for guys, or beautiful jewelry for girls.

– Sexy Santa is always a no.

– Stay true to the culture of your business. If you work for a young media company, there is often something happening at Christmas Bash. However, if you are a merchant banker, you will probably want to dress more on the conservative side, even if the invitation is casual.

– Do not expose too much skin. The fact that it's a party does not mean you can put up your hem and drop your cleavage. You always work with those present and a certain degree of professionalism is required. General rules: keep your skirts and dresses below the mid-thigh and a big cleavage is always a no

– Wear shoes that you can dance, the Christmas party usually involves one or two dances, choose your shoes.

– Determine if there is a theme, conservative color-coded outfits or light accessories can help you make a subtle style statement.

– If the invitation indicates a Christmas ball what level it means. A ball gown can be a bit exaggerated.

Finally, make sure your outfit suggests an understanding of your company's culture and the theme of the Christmas party. If you walk with care, you should be able to enjoy Christmas glamor party!

Good luck on behalf of the company's Christmas team !!


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