What style of decoration am I? Personalities and needs in interior design


Television and the Internet gave us incredible insights and allowed us to lock ourselves in the most elegant and best-designed homes in the world. We see incredible scenery every day and there are a lot of people asking the question what style of decoration am I?

Of course, there is an infinite amount of styles and types of interior design to suit every imaginable taste. There are also designs and decor styles that suit individual locations, for example an interior that is perfect for a New York apartment may not be perfect for an apartment in London.

If you are wondering what the style of your personality is, the easiest way to do it is to divide the styles into three understandable genres – traditional, modern and eclectic.

If you like interior decorations that are slightly warmer, richer in color and include ornaments and scenic paintings, then you are sometimes more traditionalist. Think cottage as opposed to the penthouse suite.

Perhaps you prefer the clear lines, the light colors and the more minimalist approach. Do you like the look of innovative design furniture, hard floors and open spaces? If that is you then you are definitely suited to a more modern style.

Finally, we have eclectic personality, which can be very similar to modern decor. I like to think of eclectic style as being very smart. For example, imagine a piece of antique porcelain exposed in a deep box frame hung on a wall or strategically placed engraved mirrors.

Of course, to truly understand your style and find the answer to the question, what style of scenery am I? So your best speech to an interior architect who can advise you on which job will be best suited to your home and your personality.


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