What to buy on the best Christmas markets in Germany


Germany is famous for many things, and its love of Christmas markets makes it one of the best countries in the world to visit in winter. Markets are held in hundreds of cities and towns across the country and each one is filled with stands on traditional German Christmas treasure stands. For those lucky enough to visit a German Christmas market this year, there are some takeaways or tastings on the premises that are the most represented.


This German Christmas treat is very similar to the spice bread, one of the main differences being that it is denser and softer. The slightly harsher versions of Lebkuchen tend to be sold at Christmas markets, allowing bakers to decorate the cookie with borders, words, stars, hearts and other forms of frosting.

Glass Balls

The glass balls that adorn Christmas trees around the world originate in Erzgebirge, Germany, about 400 years ago. The trinkets sold on the German Christmas markets tend to be made of hand-blown glass, so they are very delicate, but if they are well protected, they can make wonderful gifts to take home. These hand-painted decorations are unique, and the pretty designs on them make a nice change from repeated designs.


The traditional hot Christmas drink is a wonderful brainstorming while taking a break in exploring the rows and rows of market stalls. The Mosel Valley in Germany produces a fantastic red wine throughout the year, and the Christmas markets there serve some of the best glühwein.

Traditional Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are synonymous with German Christmas. They range from colorful toy trains to intricate music boxes. Again, these are great gifts to take away, offering a traditional craft alternative to the toys available on the main street.

Bratwurst / Currywurst

Traditionally grilled over a huge outdoor fire, Bratwurst is a fine example of hearty German food. The grilled sausage is delicious served in a baguette with tomato sauce. Those who feel a little more adventurous can try Currywurst, where the Bratwurst is cut into pieces and served with curry sauce poured over it.


Nutcrackers were developed around 1870 and are another wonderful creation of Erzgebirge. In addition to being beautiful wooden decorations, they are also practical utensils. Made by highly skilled craftsmen, The Nutcracker are often made in the image of various authorities, such as kings and soldiers, in order to make fun of them.


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