What to check before creating your website


Website design simply means creating different web pages. It involves all the steps of making a website such as a proper structure, layout, user interface, information, and SEO development for the website update to make it more user-friendly and so on

19659003] Now the world is commercialized and globalized. You can not sell your items / services on the street if you are thinking of a big business plan or even a small plan.

  • Today, most people around the world are searching for articles and services on the Internet. where people can access your services.
  • If you want to offer a different type of services, you can not sell all the items in a store like a grocery store. So, you need a platform where you can sell multiple items and services.
  • The world is changing rapidly today. So, unless you do not have a website, your business might not keep pace with the world.
  • Thus, for many reasons, such as easy and fast access, better communication with customers and customers.
  • Website Design Steps

    The overall process involves multiple steps and it depends on what the customer needs are. Here are some basic steps in website design.

    What are the most important types of website design

    • Static Design
    • Dynamic Design
    • E-Commerce Design
    • Flash Design
    • One Page Websites [19659003]] Fixed page design

    What qualities should a good website have?

    User-friendly: The goal of a website is to attract its customers. So, it should be easy and lucid in the access for people who visit. His pages should open quickly; he should have good pictures, info-graphics to attract people and so on.

    Plagiarism Free & Informative Content: Content should not be copied from other platforms. It should also be informative for people. You should follow many other parameters to present the content to people in a good way.

    Good SEO Settings: It should have all the parameters followed by search engines like Google, so that it can appear on the relevant pages of the search engine and people can easily access them .

    Adapted and fast access: Often, users have problems accessing different pages of a website. They are disappointed when they try to click on information that concerns them but they can not reach the desired page does not respond to the click.

    Readable Fonts: It should have readable fonts that could easily catch the eyes of the reader. If certain content or headlines can not capture the written content, the website may miss the reach of the targeted customer.


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