What to take into account when installing double glazed windows


Nothing is as good as double glazed windows insulating your home from ambient noise and changing weather conditions. This is why more and more homeowners are installing them not only in new homes, but also to replace the usual windows that come with simple windows.

There are different types of windows with double glazing. While you can find those with wooden frames, you can also find ones made with durable and hassle-free uPVC frames. While the installation of these windows can be done as part of your DIY projects, it will be better for you to get the help of professionals. You must be very careful when choosing your installation, as this will also affect the longevity of the double-glazed windows that you have installed in your home.

Your Options

Basically, a double glazed window has two windows placed in its frames. A type of gas is inserted in the gap between these two panes to enhance the thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities of your windows.

Replacing or renovating your windows can be accomplished by highly skilled do-it-yourselfers and professional window installers only. is actually another option to do that you can do it yourself. This is by applying an anti-noise and anti-UV plastic film directly to your windows. Although it is not technically double glazed and provides only a minimal improvement over your old windows, it is the cheapest option and one that can easily be achieved in as a DIY project.

The difference between rearranging and replacing Windows

with double glazing is much more expensive compared to traditional single-pane windows, you can actually feel their value in the long run. If you think that they are only good for newly built homes and not just to replace them, then here are some reasons you might consider when making your decision.

– If your windows have rotting wooden frames, then it is better to simply use double-glazed windows by having them replaced. So, you will no longer have to worry about rotten window frames or constant maintenance that window frames usually need.

– If your windows are still in good condition, but that they let in too much heat or cold, outside noise, then you could have them retrofitted with uPVC framed windows instead of really getting new ones with double glazing. This will help you solve your thermal and acoustic insulation problems because uPVC is also renowned for its benefits to your home.

Whether you decide to opt for replacement or refurbished uPVC windows with or without double glazing, you can still make a lot of your decision. Renovated windows can further reduce ambient noise that arrives in your home up to 75 percent.


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