What's a Christmas card holder?


What is a Christmas card holder?

Christmas cards. Sending a family photo and a short letter is a tradition at Christmas, and the month of December usually means a mailbox cluttered with cards. A Christmas card holder is exactly what its name suggests – a home furniture designed to display cards and other party souvenirs (like photos) in your home.

What do Christmas card holders look like?

Holders come in different styles, some displaying only a few cards or photos, and some large media that can display dozens of cards at the same time. The stands range from large stand-alone wire furniture and other sturdy materials to small decorated baskets that contain cards. The size and style of the Christmas card holder you buy depends on the number of cards you display and the style of your home.

The most common type of Holder is the "table topper" version. These small supports usually have the shape of trees, each branch containing two cards or photos. They are usually painted red and green (for Christmas) or simply decorated to be used all year round. There are also a lot of medium wall mounts – these are popular because they can be used after the holidays to hold reminders, grocery lists, bills or any other piece of paper on which you must hang.

How much do Christmas card holders cost?

Because of their great diversity of styles and forms, it is difficult to define a "cost" for a holder. Here are two examples for sale on Amazon.

The first is a "card holder and Christmas pictures" in 5 feet for $ 49.99. Capable of holding dozens of cards and photos at a time.

At the other end of the price range is the Hallmark brand Christmas card holder. Small, one foot tall and Christmas tree shaped, this stand sells for $ 14.95. You can find Hallmark for sale in various retail stores during the holiday season, including big box stores such as Wal-Mart and CVS.

If you want to store your greeting cards and other greetings cards during your vacation, you can use a support like "inbox" in a central part of your home. Without means of displaying your cards, it's easy to lose them at the bottom of a drawer.


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