When is the window replacement really necessary?


To repair or supplant; that is the question. As for the replacement of the window, there are advantages and disadvantages of both creating new and working with the originals. At a cost of hundreds of dollars per piece, they can be some of the most expensive materials at home. With an exorbitant cost, it is imperative to know when a particular unit must be completely discarded for a new one or when it can simply be repaired.

Starting with the obvious, of course, a new installation will result in lower maintenance costs, less air currents, easier cleaning, energy savings And a more fluid operation than repair. Not only that, but this can result in tax savings, more fun and just a prettier home. On the other hand, the installation will cost almost as much as the building materials themselves, which makes the whole business the whole investment.

Regarding the abandonment of windows replacement, it can be expensive and annoying to work with the originals. Between repairing old structures, coping with frames and locks difficult to open and close, and stripping and painting every two years, maintaining old windows is quite hassled. Other problems to be solved are cleaning difficulties, broken seals, condensation and increased energy costs.

Also, to determine if the home needs a window replacement, the main thing to consider is whether the current values ​​are worth the concern for savings. With a few exceptions, most units can be repaired, restored and rearranged to perform their main work, but this involves the installation of new equipment and trim, not to mention the maintenance required In the future.

Here are some common problems to consider when deciding whether or not the window replacement is the best option.

1. Rotted Wood

Once the rot began, it is very difficult to stop, resulting in the necessary bumping of all wood. Needless to say, this is a very difficult job that could quickly become costly. This would certainly be a case where the new facility is the best.

2. Cloudy Glass

When it is a double glass glass, the area between the two panes can become foggy, making it difficult to see. With this problem, the only solution is the new glass installation. Again, this is a difficult repair that will be almost as expensive as scrapping the whole structure and installing a new one. Needless to say, this is another instance where a new window should be installed.

3. Arrowheads

Typically, this problem can be repaired, and worn crank mechanisms can usually be put to a halt. The question, however, is that broken hinges are much harder to find. In addition, even if the vouchers are found, they can not solve the problem. Again, a complete passage is the best plan of action.

4. Broken material

If the original hardware is broken or outdated, but the window is generally in good shape, it is likely that this problem can be repaired. Sometimes new hardware may be difficult to find, but even in these cases it is possible to locate it by finding the model number of the window or by contacting the manufacturer.


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