Where Do Guys Like to Ejaculate On? – Some Interesting Finds


Ejaculation is a process by which you eject semen from your penis, and is usually the result of reaching orgasm. This usually happens after you masturbate or while you sleep (what we commonly call "having wet dreams"). The guys usually reach ejaculation after 5 minutes of masturbation or sex, and this can vary depending on various reasons. You can choose to deliberately control by delaying the process. There are men who suffer from a condition called premature ejaculation, by which they ejaculate earlier than desired.

This article explores some places that men like to ejaculate. We will divide this into 2 main categories: ejaculation with and without a partner.

Ejaculation with a partner (with or without intercourse)

According to a popular online poll, there are many places that guys like to cum on the body of a woman. This survey does not include data for gay men. Guess where is the most popular place on the body of a woman? You are probably right. On the face. 33% said yes to ejaculate on the face, while 25% prefer it inside or around the vaginal area. 16% of men prefer that their women swallow, and about 12% like to do it on their breasts. A small group of 9% said that they liked doing it on the inside or on the back.

Here is another interesting discovery. Some men have actually admitted that they like to see their sperm on the bodies of their partners. I'm not sure of the real reason, but I think it could be a "conclusion" of a pleasurable process

Ejaculation without a partner

Here is the section on l & # 39; ; self masturbation. There are no real statistics to support the actual preference. Based on what I've read up to here, the common places include ejaculating on her own body, tissue paper, in the toilet bowl and / or sink, on the shower floor, the towel, the underwear and even shoes! I think we can be really creative at times!

In summary, ejaculation can be really enjoyable if done responsibly. What is your preference then?


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