Where to Buy the Best Hair Extensions


What are the best hair extensions?

The purchase of good quality hair extensions can be extremely confusing, difficult and time consuming. The purchase of an inappropriate hair type or overly processed or treated hair can prove to be a very expensive mistake.

As more and more women all over the world love and sometimes need extensions, I have found it more important than ever to explain the basic principles, the purchase of 39, quality hair extensions, to help women to be more informed and able to understand the hair. industry extensions, in order to make informative choices and stop losing money and time on substandard hair extensions and / or methods of application.

Having excellent hair extensions is amazing and can even change the life of someone who has struggled with fine or soft wicks or who just does not grow up as long as he does not. would like, hair extensions can offer the best solution to her hair pain.

I have first hand knowledge regarding all application methods, treatment procedures and backgrounds. After 14 years of experience as a lead artist and master trainer for all attachment methods, I would like to share with you the extensive knowledge that will help you buy the extensions of your dreams for no longer have to worry about tangles, damage to your own hair or uncomfortable or even painful hair extensions of poor quality!

Let's start, then. I've divided this article into several key categories. Please read the steps carefully. This will help you inform yourself and ask the right questions when buying hair extensions from your dealer.

Discover where your hair extensions REALLY come from!

CAN I VISIT THE SUPPLIER? Do you know a lot about your supplier / extension artist?

Are you really comfortable delivering hundreds of dollars to someone who "hopes to sell you a good product?"

Please, do not make the mistake of simply thinking that if you receive a sample of your hair, it will mean that you will buy good hair in the future … many suppliers have just some good hair samples, then they send their bad hair once the order is placed. You must first see several packages for the hair to be well coiffed. high quality on a consistent basis … especially if you plan on buying it long term.


Can you visit the supplier?

Make sure your hair extension provider / artist has a # 39; open door policy. Even if they are too far away … to visit … do they allow the public to see the hair before buying it?

Can they show you the different type of hair you have in front of you?

Do they have examples of real remy and non remy hair to show you so that you can be 100% sure of the product that they are selling is the real thing?

Yes, I know that all these efforts seem huge, but they are especially important if you intend to buy or have regular hair extensions.

If the provider is hiding behind a website … you can be sure that he also has something to hide.

European and Russian Hair

Hair growth for extensions is a serious job. Some women and some men who grow hair have to follow a special diet so that their hair is healthy, well fed and of the best quality.


What is the origin of hair?

European and Russian hairs can come from any country where the desired hair structure can be collected. It is simply impossible for all European and Russian hair to come from one or two regions. This is why the European and Russian hair words, which were once more exclusive, are now a vague term for human hair. Compatible with large consumers of hair extensions.

Most blonde hair sold as extensions are extremely expensive and simply inaccessible due to the increasing demand for hair extensions in the last few years. Therefore, natural blonde hair extensions are very difficult to obtain. So we must assume that almost all hair sold in light shades will have some light and treatment to achieve the desired shade.

European hair comes in a multitude of textures, from straight hair to curly hair. Due to the difference in texture, the hair is compatible with most people but may not work with other textures like African or Asian hair.

European and Russian hair can come from almost any country where a finer cut is available for sale. The colors usually go from medium brown to dark brown and will be lighter if necessary. The hair is much softer and healthier, they are not enriched in aggressive acid baths to shave the cuticle.

Asian hairs

Asian hairs are usually thick, stiff, and coarse. Because it is strong enough and straight, it can be quite difficult to manage and get it to hold a style. That is why Asian hair can be stripped in an acid bath to reduce the cuticle so that the hair is thinner … but it does damage the structure of the hair enormously, requiring the need for silicone to cover the exposed cuticle. . However, once the silicone has been washed after a few short washes, the damaged cuticle is exposed again and the hair tangles, becomes dull and loses its shine, soon after becoming unmanageable and therefore requiring removal of additions of hair. Since synthetic hair fibers are often made in Asia, we are seeing that more and more heat-resistant synthetic fibers are mixed with human hair … this is becoming more widespread than ever, resulting in tarnishing and an entanglement as well as problems when trying to smooth hair. .

Indian Hair

Indian hair pilgrims sacrifice their hair to the god Vishnu in a process called tonsure. Their hair is then sorted, washed and dyed for marketing. Often, Indians have no idea that they have been trapped to give their hair so that they can be sold at a higher price and then shipped and sold to Western countries for money. use of hair extensions. This has been the cause of some controversy, and many people now refuse to buy Indian hair for ethical reasons.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing demand for hair extensions, Indian hair is often mixed with synthetic hair and / or animal hair during treatment.

This is happening more and more often (as the documentary entitled "A current affair" recently pointed out). Indian hair is becoming more and more difficult to buy with confidence, as they often end up entangling and unraveling because of the mixing of hair with something else and / or inconvenience.

As far as possible, it is therefore best to buy 100% European, European or Russian hair if you have a European texture.

If you are of Asian descent, always choose 100% Asian hair that has not been processed yet. You will need to ask for "virgin and Asian hair."

If you are of Indian descent, do not hesitate to choose "virgin" Indian hair 100% remy, this hair will have the same texture as your hair.You will need to make sure that they have not been mixed with foreign matters before purchase.

Step 3

Hair Remy?

The Next Critical Step When the purchase of hair extensions is whether or not it is remy.

The first step in determining whether Remy's hair extensions are truly Remy, with its cuticles and prepared roots, It is quite normal that the cuticles are absent or worn near the ends of the locks of hair, but thick and healthy near the roots.

You may have a limited budget. hair is super cheap and probably not remy … but it should be OK … you're just going to brush a little bit more … no? … wrong!

Non remy hair is girls' worst nightmare and something you NEVER want to face.

Initially, before the silicone coating is worn out … you may find that it is easy to handle … but after a few washes, the true condition of the hair turns out. It will muddle and dull terribly!

Once the silicone liner has been removed, you will NEVER give it a nice appearance … well maybe if you do not move an inch. As soon as there is a movement … it will catch like Velcro and become a knotty mess.

You now understand that you should never buy non remy hair …

So it's easy … just ask for remy hair … is not it? Unfortunately, most hair extension vendors today simply have no idea what they are selling and have not themselves been directly involved in the complex world of hair trading.

The seller often has little or no experience of methods of treatment, application and treatment of hair extensions, and limited knowledge of the true origin of his name.

Often unskilled and inexperienced companies believe that the sale of human hair is like any other product.

That could not be further from the truth! the extensions do not look like any other manufactured product … each hair is different and with the multitude of treatment methods, the origins of the hair itself, the textures, the lengths, the shades and the coloring methods. Hair extensions are incredibly complicated. and complex subject.

It would take many years of understanding the compound structures of the hair and hair trade around the world to successfully guarantee that the hair that they sell is soft, naturally shiny and provides a hassle-free experience for the future. 39; installation. in the recipient's own hair.

For all the above reasons, it is very important that you know what experience your salesperson actually has.

Unfortunately, few companies sell 100% Remy hair extensions because it is not only expensive, but very expensive to manufacture. True remy hair extensions well preserved in the state of Remy are also very expensive for the buyer and can not be purchased cheaply. With the rise of competition in the sector, many sellers in their hurry to offer the "least expensive" extensions will secretly buy Indian or Chinese cheap, non remy or mixed hair and send it to an unknown customer. .

If the hair is really 100% human Remy hair, it's a worthwhile investment, otherwise you mostly waste your money.


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