White Christmas – Here we come


Snow is a fun thing. We want it on our lawns and hills to play and toboggan, but not on the roads or on the paths where it is an obstacle. We are frustrated by the snowstorms in March but we would give everything for the white things to fall on Christmas Eve. In fact, every year, even in the coldest regions of the United States and Europe, millions of people end up with a "brown Christmas". Dead lawns, bare trees and cold winds are a long way from the idyllic scene of newly fallen snow, dog sledding and snowmen parading the TV screen as part of countless Christmas specials. . For years, the chances of having White Christmas were entirely in the hands of Mother Nature, but these days are now over.

The secret is known as a machine to make snow. A small gadget that combines the water of a watering hose and a small amount of compressed air to create a special mist that freezes and falls to the ground in the form of snow when it 's wet. it is sprayed in cold air. This technology has been used for decades in ski resorts so that skiers enjoy a thick layer of snow from the crest to the base all through the winter. It is only recently that the concept has been brought home for supper.

The first group of home snowmakers began its collaboration almost 10 years ago thanks to the Internet. Many snow enthusiasts have expressed interest in making snow, but have not had the time, money or skills to build and experiment with the different machines, tools and other equipment needed to build a snow machine. Frustrated, they collapse on their dreams of a guaranteed white Christmas.

Recently, some companies have sprung up offering snow-making equipment available for purchase. And now, their products are affordable enough for anyone's budget! So, if you're tired of spending all your winter watching a brown lawn, leafless trees, and a dull gray sky, a homemade snow machine might be the thing for you. You never know, the last years "Brown Christmas" may be the last you've ever seen!


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