White Christmas lights – Three different types that you can choose


Years ago, someone said that he needed white Christmas lights, which meant simple white Christmas lights! Today, this is not the case. Life would have been really simple if there was just a shade of "white" to choose from. The progress of man in the field of science and technology has greatly facilitated life, but some things have become complex.

Through the invention of LED, the customer can now choose from countless shades of "white". The three main classifications of white color in reference to Christmas lights are warm white, frosty warm white and pure white. Wondering how these different shades of white are formed? Well, all the credit to LED, manufacturers are now able to create different shades using different combinations of phosphorus. Read on if you want to know more about it.

Warm Lights

The lights in this shade are the closest to the traditional white Christmas lights. Although in the first days of its birth, this light emitted a slight bluish tint, this is no longer the case. Thanks to the progress made in the field of LED, these white lights now look like incandescent lamps used since time immemorial for Christmas. These lights are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas wreaths and outdoor displays, as well as other old Christmas lights.

Frosted hot

White lights that fall into this category are very similar to hot lights, the only difference being that the lens of these lights is not clear but frosted. Thanks to this nature of the lens, the LED light emitted by them is softer in nature. It is strongly recommended, for best effects, to use these lights independently rather than in combination with lights of other colors.

Pure White

These are the best white lights you can choose. These are vibrant and emit the purest form of white. While most of them emit flawless white, some have a slight bluish tinge. If you are looking for white Christmas lights that can be used in combination with other colors, you can use those that fall into this category.


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