White Christmas no more!


Making, recycling and buying locally are fun and easy ways to have a green and environmentally friendly Christmas holiday. Rather than buy new products, people can make gifts from recycled materials such as gift bags, CDs, books. The green shift is about being creative, saving materials from landfills and preventing the environmental impact caused by buying new things. Those with clever skills can make handmade gifts for family members and friends. Most people appreciate handmade gifts because they represent all the love, time, and creative energy that has been invested. Those who do not have such skills do not need to feel excluded from their efforts to go green. Many locally available gifts can be purchased from local artisans and artists to stimulate the local economy and avoid the carbon emissions resulting from shipping.

Those who prefer to buy their loved ones green Christmas presents such as clothes can buy organic outfits manufactured by many companies who are also eager to offer their customers eco-friendly items. Many companies now offer organic cotton, wool, hemp and other environmentally friendly products. Some of the products are made from recycled materials and are always fashionable and worthy of being presented as Christmas gifts. Antiques are naturally respectful of the environment. The monetary value of some of them increases over time and they are perfect Christmas presents. Jewelry and vintage clothing are ideal green Christmas gifts that can be given to those who understand their value and cherish them. These types of products were produced during times when there was no mass production and they were created with great care.

Those living in areas with a fair climate have access to basic foods such as jellies and jams. The fruit baskets are wonderful gifts and it is ensured that the impact of the transport is greatly reduced. Other green gift items are rechargeable batteries. Most batteries consumed in homes are thrown into the landfill after use and their impact on the environment is important. Rechargeable batteries are also discarded but have a longer life and therefore a reduced negative impact. When you buy a battery charger as a gift, you need to add rechargeable batteries. Many unique and creative products can be sent to spread the green message of Christmas and global warming, as stated above.


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