Why build a sustainable home


A sustainable home does not mean a minimal house, or a house without style. With most homes, you would not even know that there is one, unless you look very closely. Sustainable simple means that you design and build with certain goals in mind, in order to receive specific benefits. You as the owner choose what and how much. Here are some reasons to build one:

o Money Savings
o Calling Buyers
o Environmental Responsibility
o Positive Health Effect
o Increased Satisfaction

Savings from Money

o Most of the techniques and materials you will use will cost less.
o There are government discounts and / or tax benefits.
o This type of home can save you money on your monthly electricity bills
o Maintenance is often easier and less expensive in a sustainable home.
o Your chosen builder will not create excessive waste of materials that you have paid.

Calling Buyers

o Sustainable homes typically have a timeless style and quality construction. There is less need to demolish it to build an updated house. You will often incorporate space for future room additions in the plan, providing easy solutions and more options for buyers.
o Energy efficient homes certified by your utility company are well thought out.
o If you sell at any given time, your ideal home will also appeal to a wide range of buyers.
o You will not be caught in this trap of having to find "that perfect buyer" for a subspecialty home.

Environmental Responsibility

o Each choice has an effect on the environment.
o Making environmentally conscious choices encourages others to do the same.
o This kind of house is an investment in our future.

Positive Health Effect

o Many new building products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that irritate people with asthma and contribute to health deficiencies in many cases.
o Such a house brings the outdoors, creating a relaxing environment.

Increased Satisfaction

o Much of the thinking relates to the design aspect.
o You are more likely to be satisfied with the house longer.
o The builder will have worked to reserve land and landscapes, leaving you more fun.
o Your ecological choices are contributions to your health and that of your community.

A sustainable home is aware of the budget and the desire to make the most of your money. It will be an ecological home, thanks to a judicious choice of building materials and the appropriate size for the land and the neighborhood. You will benefit physically, through reduced exposure to environmental toxins, and emotionally through the knowledge of having built with the environment in mind.


Source by Shawn Barghout

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