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Why should you care about interior design, what is it for you? After all the interior design is just a pile of paint on a wall and furniture put in a room, so that looks not true? False.

Interior design is much more than just painting and furnishing. It's a way to make a home, room or business atmosphere inviting and fun or comfortable and warm. There are many reasons why a good interior design is important so that you do not have to relocate, do it all over again, or hire help. A well-designed home will include Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements such as seating in a bath or shower, lower countertops, and wheelchair access. Most modern houses have rooms on the first floor for this reason alone. The elderly and disabled must be able to access all the necessary areas of the house without having to worry about stairs.

Another reason why design is important is that it can really make you or break it. If your boss is trying to get an increase or promotion of visits to your home, you want them to like it. You do not want them to wonder why there is a leopard print rug on the floor that is surrounded by light green furniture. This is not a very inviting situation. When you are looking to succeed in life, you want the people around you to believe that you are already there. A well-designed room can do just that, and can just ask you that job. That's why you should be concerned about interior design.


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