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Is your bathroom cabinet as dangerous as the cabinet that contains your home cleaners? If you think it's a silly lesson, then you have to read further. Your bathroom cabinet that contains your beauty and beauty products is one of the most dangerous areas of your home. If you are still using commercial beauty products and not organic beauty products, your daily beauty regimen could be a toxic nightmare! Organic beauty products are not just a fashionable trend. They quickly become a vital change in our mission continues to be always young and beautiful and above all in good health.

Common cosmetics contain many dangerous ingredients whose names seem to belong to a laboratory rather than being used on our faces and bodies. The infinite list of synthetic artificial ingredients that are put into our cosmetics, hair care products and skin care products are now recognized for their damaging properties for the reproductive and carcinogenic system if they are used during a long time. extended period.

Many people assume that the content found in their expensive beauty products has been tested for their safety. Unfortunately, those who ensure their safety are also those who are paid by industry leaders and they are often more governed by the profit margin of a product rather than by its safety. Scientists employed by these governing bodies also belong to review boards and product safety is sometimes not handled properly. Why do companies that want to make big profits want to substitute their inexpensive and easy-to-manufacture synthetic products for those that are natural and more expensive to produce simply because they're safer?

So, what is the price we really pay to be beautiful and young? In addition to the ridiculous prices we pay for the best beauty products, we also pay the price for our health and for future generations as well. In 2004, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a study that tested 7,500 products against lists of ingredients posing health risks. The study showed that many products tested did not meet the safety needs of consumers. The following ingredients are the worst offenders and end up in a wide range of products today. These carcinogenic ingredients are coal tar, alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids and phthalates, a hormone-dependent ingredient.

The best way to avoid the toxic attack that lead your beauty products is to choose organic beauty products. Fortunately for us, vast ranges of organic beauty products can be found online, at your local organic store and in health food stores. Some supermarkets even carry organic brands due to consumer demand. And not just organic facial creams. Organic companies now manufacture organic makeup and cosmetics, organic hair care products, including styling gels and natural and organic skin care products, scrubs and face masks. A wide range of products to meet all desires and all types of skin. However, do not be fooled by misleading advertising. It is absolutely necessary that you read the complete list of ingredients to make sure that they are 100% natural, and preferably organic.


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