Why did I contract my public relations


When I needed to change websites, I paid a web programmer. When I needed direct mailing, I had to call in a graphic designer. It may seem unlikely that a medical office needs medical marketing, but even medical professionals are business leaders with growth goals.

Eliminating the cost of full-time staff members

house did not make sense when I used the services about once a week. I found ways to use their time rather than needing it every day. In addition to paying a salary, because these people were full-time employees, I spent thousands of dollars a month providing benefits. In return, I was receiving a medical marketing plan that was not consistent and representative of the industry. I began to wonder if a public relations firm would be able to provide more resources and expertise. I've learned that some public relations companies even offer separate plans for medical marketing, like StevenPR located in the city of Los Angeles. It made sense to explore the options for outsourcing those responsibilities and paying only when I needed the service.

Stop working with freelancers

My marketing director was familiar with demographic and marketing practices. She brought good ideas for emails and web campaigns, but that's where her expertise came to an end. When it was time to implement these changes on our website, we had to call an independent web programmer. The freelancer would not work in blocks less than an hour, so I ended up saving projects until I had enough to justify the expense. This means that minor changes have been canceled for months at a time. In addition, I found that my independent programmers were unreliable. Because I have absolutely no programming knowledge, a freelancer could quote me anything he wanted for a website change. I started to wonder if changing the font on my home page really took 3 hours of work

Developing a Cohesive Plan

Once I had inquired, I would be able to develop a consistent medical marketing plan for my small business. With programmers, writers and designers in-house, a public relations firm was a one-stop shop for all my needs. I've been able to reduce costs internally by eliminating the salaries of my marketing team and eliminating the fees I paid for their benefits. The best part was the results. With a new team that has the experience to devote to a better return on investment, I've seen my organic web results receive a huge boost. I pay less to bring every new customer to the door, which translates into immediate opportunities for business growth.


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