Why does my carpet need to stretch?


A wall-to-wall carpet can come off for various reasons. If it is stretched properly at the time of installation, it should look tight and stay well. A rug can come loose from moving furniture. Sliding heavy furniture back and forth across a carpet can cause it to loosen. Excise equipment is not properly positioned and can also cause this problem. Wheelchairs, trolleys, toys and other rolling objects. Over the years, a rug can come off. Excessive wetting and spills are another problem.

The normal wear and tear of a carpet may require re-stretching. Call a carpet repair technician and the problem can be solved by stretching and reinstalling it in place.

Often, a customer will say that my carpet has been improperly installed and will talk about the installers. This may or may not be the reason. There is usually a kind of guarantee that accompanies the installation and speaks to the right person when the carpet was purchased can solve the problem.

The stretching of the rug does not necessarily mean moving all the furniture in one room. Sometimes sliding furniture from one side to the other, with furniture sliders, can be enough to allow a good stretch. An Internet search can lead you to the right person. Check their website for proper identification information. Years of service, good reviews and other relevant facts. In addition, the local Yellow Page directory and word of mouth are another source of information.

No flooring product is perfect. Take care of your carpet and it will last a long time.


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