Why does your car work, what to do about it, if wear and high mileage cause a problem


Secrets to find and end hidden wear and performance, cost-repair, car and equipment problems.

You never really think about the insidious nature of the wear of engine and transmission pistons, bearings, valves, and gears until a performance deterrent problem develops .

Like these, what new products can now come to an end:

  • A horrible tap, tap, tap, announcement that you start the engine at 7 o'clock in the morning.
  • Or, reverse does not work in reverse, as fast as it should.
  • The change of gear; never before perceptible, lift stronger.
  • Or an offset in the shift now appears.
  • You see a puff of smoke escaping from your exhaust that was never there before.
  • The exhaust drips from the water, and it smells really bad, and it's never been the case before.
  • The engine temperature gauge indicates that the engine is running in the hot zone.
  • You check your oil, and you're down two-quarters.
  • You buy more gas than you use for the same trips.
  • Lose the new car slide; taking off from the red lights.
  • And the cars that pass on a hill are so slow that it's almost killing you.

Having a new or new car is like your first love.

You think that from that moment you are in paradise. What could be better? For your love and your new car, it will last forever! It's the same as I felt for a new convertible, and several other newer cars that we bought.

Over time, some of my engines or transmission failed, long before I imagined that they should. And I surprised why? Like this first love. What happened to him?

A major cause of wear produces two or more new problems

Perhaps, knowing the cause of these failures, would it help me find the cure to slow down or avoid such repairs, or push them further in the future. And so I did!

Like the tide and the weather – wear does not wait anyone! Likewise, the hidden wear in your car lasts night and day, even if the car does not work.

Knowing the cause will help you avoid or put an end to the problems that they cause.

  1. In gas, diesel fuel, fluids and oils are the remaining ingredients that become acidic.
  2. Moisture is what speeds up their passage to acid.
  3. These acids coagulate and agglomerate free solids, and mud is a result.
  4. Acids dig tiny pits into the clean, shiny surfaces of your engine and transmission pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.
  5. Acids shrink joints and help harden joints. The cause of these oily stains on your driveway.

Acids attack while you drive and when your cars are parked.

These problems can easily drive up a $ 3000 repair bill.

And this goes for your lawnmower, tractor, boat, RV, too.

New types of additives replace the less effective additives currently used.

Now, new types of additives are added to all fuels and oils to neutralize this acid-negative. Synthetic oils have even more additives for this purpose. However ….

Their help, though good, is limited. Additional additives may be needed. here's why …

After about 4 years and 75,000 miles of driving, the acid attack, which started from the first day on the floor of the showroom, continues to create places where sludge residues each part.

Occasionally, engine valves stick or valve pushers stick and type the results. In transmission, there are abrupt changes and other problems

Piston rings, which must be flexible around each of your engine pistons, adhere to their groves.

The combustion and compression gases, on the order of 1800 degrees, now slide more easily into these piston rings and blacken and weaken the engine and transmission oils. Faster wear results. Less power is developed.

However … Just press the accelerator pedal for more fuel

And the power of your engine more fuel overcomes what is lost. That's why you do not notice the decline of power. Also ….

Weaker oils and pitted surfaces allow a new problem to undermine power and exhaust your cars twice as fast. What is it? More friction.

And, more metal-metal abrasion.

As Surface Roughness, Bonding and Binding Increases

Your lubricant film is often broken and direct abrasion occurs when moving parts touch each other.

The resulting friction boost now absorbs the power that is used to speed you up faster on the road.

You probably know all of this, one way or the other.

Here's what I found in the way of additives that neutralize acids and reduce friction

Two companies have these advantages in solving problems in their incentives; Mega Power, and, the brothers of justice. Their products, which cost less than $ 100, help to delay, eliminate or avoid the above problems that can subside up to $ 3,000 per repair. Not so good, of course.

But pretty good for most of us car owners and equipment mindful of their budget.

Think of them as drugs and vitamins, but for cars, which help to avoid going to the car hospital.

I have used both over the years and they do as claimed.

For My Cars

I love these new products because they have the latest anti-wear ingredients that put an end to the problems mentioned above. Those both wear and mileage cause.

Here is the good news, if you want to put an end to the wear and performance problems above. The installation of these products is easier than ever.

The other good news is this

These new products now put an end to all the above problems caused by acids, sticky residues and friction.

And thanks to their new advantages in cleaning, smoothing, anti-wear and protective coating, they have problems and hidden causes of power loss.

By finishing them, you restore the old Zip, power and performance for which you bought your car.

They return the joy of driving that I use to pick up my vehicles when they were new. It would be nice to revive our "first love", one might think. Well, do not go there!

Both brands prevent acid bites and sludge formation in new vehicles.

Their products can help your latest and even the most used cars and equipment stand out for years. Perhaps, extend their future life before the review.


Source by George Christ

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