Why does your insurance agency need a website


A fully functional online presence has become an asset that every agency should have. By having a website, you allow your agency to offer your products and services to your prospects and customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Today, a website needs to be more than just one. a simple business card on the Web. It must have a complete offer including automated self-service for customers and informative resources that maintain the interest of visitors.

Beyond Quotation, Offer Self-Service to Customers

Do you remember walking in an airport and waiting in long, over-the-counter lines? If that's the case, you've seen how technology has changed the way consumers interact with businesses. Less than ten years ago, when you entered an airport, long waiting lines were waiting for you at the ticket counter. Now you are greeted by self-service terminals that offer a fast check-in experience allowing multiple customers to get through a fraction of the time. You no longer need to talk to a customer service agent, you can simply do it yourself. Not only does this speed up the customer, but self-service reduces the staff resources required by the company.

This trend of customer self-service has begun to spread to all industries, including insurance. He began with quote requests online, via an online form. Then the introduction of online notation. Recently, companies have started offering self-service options to customers to complete online quotes. These options included online payments and policy self-service.

What started with the carriers has now migrated to the agents themselves. Whether it's the ability to request an identity card, report an accident or remove a vehicle, your website must offer the customer the opportunity to serve their policy directly. Like the airline industry, this automation of your customer service will ease the consumer's desire to benefit from a fast service while reducing the overall resources required by your agency.

An Information Resource

Although banks were one of the first industries to adopt self-service through the use of automated teller machines, they were slow to develop their online presence. In recent years, they have compensated! The banking websites offer basically all these days. Buy stamps, look for ATMs, view product offers, pay your bills, print your statements and even request copies of checks, all from an easy-to-use website. By offering this complete experience, bank customers often return to this one-stop portal.

An agency website must replicate this range of offers by offering the client access to the services offered by your agency. A complete website should include online glossaries, itineraries, maps, news feeds, payment options and links to useful websites such as credit repair and mortgage companies partners. By offering more features, your website becomes a portal for which customers come back repeatedly.


Now that your website offers a complete presence, you want to attract and keep visitors to your site. Provide the consumer with an incentive to come back often. Create quarterly gifts. Offer gift cards for referrals. Provide links to the latest viral videos. The sky is the limit with a website.

Finally, keep the interest of your client, keeping your site up-to-date! By updating the content of your site, you keep the dynamic and ever changing spirit of the Internet. Buyers will recognize your commitment to technology and reward you with repeat visits.


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