Why Home Made Pizza Does not Taste As Good


Have you ever wondered why your homemade pizza does not have the same taste as your local pizzeria, even if you think you are using the same ingredients? While this may be hard to believe, the how and where are almost as important as the ingredients you use.

There are many myths about the preparation of pizza dough and the type of yeast used. One of them is that your hands are warmer when you prepare the dough; the more the dough increases, the more the heat stimulates the upward process.

The truth is that the success of your dough does not depend on the temperature of your hands as most pizzerias use a machine to make the dough. The real key is your choice of flour and the specific type of yeast you use.

Flour should be in the 0000 category because it is much more elaborate and is better for softer dough. You should also never use a jack-up dough.

One of the keys to yeast is that you need to adjust for temperature conditions. If for example it is colder outside, you should put a little less yeast and salt in the dough mixture. If it's hot, you should add more yeast and salt. In either case, you must add sugar to help the fermentation process and, in addition, it will allow the dough to get a higher temperature.

The other major element that differentiates your homemade pizza from the pizzeria, is that the cooking process you use is very different from them. Most pizza joints use one of two types of processes:

1. Ovens that reach higher temperatures and heat from above
2. Furnaces that reach higher temperatures and heat from the bottom

Regardless of the process used by them, the key is that furnaces reach much higher temperatures high. or 500-degree ovens that we use at home.

So, the next time you make pizza at home, do not be frustrated because it does not have the taste to take away. You are at a major disadvantage that really can not be completed unless you are spending serious money. But there are still things you can do to improve the taste of your pizza. Here are some tips:

1. Experiment with the dough until you have the impression that you have mixed the right amount of yeast.
2. Make sure to use graded flour 0000 and never use self-raising flour
3. Do not hurry the ascending process listed in your recipe
4 Use grated mozzarella on your pizza to melt it evenly
5. It is best to use olive oil on any other type


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