Why Ice Cream is Celebrated in America


The history of ice cream is long and fairly elaborate, although its oldest past is largely unfounded. An irrefutable fact, however, is that an overwhelming 90% of Americans are currently engaged in contaminated concoction.

President Reagan recognized this popularity in 1984 by designating July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month, National Ice Cream Day. Marco Polo, an Eastern Italian explorer, who would have bought the recipe in Italy after his trip to China, tells the origin of the frozen dessert.

According to a corroborating account, it was propagated to the French by the marriage of Catherine de Medici to the Duke of Orleans in 1533. Evidence of the initial development of this great tasting desert appears indeed in China. It dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 CE), whose recipe consists of a blend of milk and sweet rice added to the snow and flavored with camphor.

Since the invention of ice cream, and particularly since its proliferation throughout the West, there has been a long series of revenue developments. To this are added technical advances that have turned it from a rare treat into a food in its own right. Where it was once served only at the tables of royalty and aristocracy, ice cream is now available to the entire population, regardless of class.

The crank freezer revolutionized the freezing process in 1846 and was historically replaced by the continuous-process freezer, adopted by manufacturers for maximum production and consistent quality.

A multitude of flavors were created, some relying on the original homogeneous blend by adding other ingredients. Some ice creams now have pieces of cookies, nuts, fruits, cookie dough and chocolate chips. On top of that, we must not forget to mention the many variations on dessert, including cream soda, cream sundae and ice cream cone. How to celebrate a holiday with such incredible possibilities? Try them all!

Have you ever heard of Hokey Pokey? This comes from the phrase "Ecco a poco", which was shouted by early ice cream vendors urging people to "try a sample".

More is sold on Sundays than any other day of the week, according to the International Ice Cream Association. The first ice cream parlor in the United States opened in New York in 1776 and vanilla is the most popular flavor in the United States.

It is now possible to send free electronic cards to celebrate ice cream and many Americans put themselves in the spirit of the occasion by sending free electronic cards. It is a moment of pleasure and happiness and there is now a large selection of free electronic maps to reflect this mood. You can choose a free electronic card that can have an image or ice cream theme and send the virtual card to friends or a close family. Then they usually send you a virtual card because they are free and allow people to stay in touch.


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