Why Is Mineral Make Up So Special?


Mineral makeup has been highlighted many times, as consumers opt for non-mineral and mineralized cosmetics.

Initially, the branding of mineralized products offered a more nourishing skin finish. While that is true, consumer demand for more products made from natural ingredients has forced cosmetic companies to rethink the ingredients in their products.

You can find mineralized versions of most powdered cosmetics, including eye shadow. The benefits of mineral makeup are many. Not only do you offer your skin something with healthy benefits, but you avoid dangerous chemical ingredients.

Most makeup was traditionally made with a variety of synthetic ingredients, to allow color depth and long-lasting use. Although it is a cheap and fast form of production, the consumer ends up with a strange mixture of contaminants and even carcinogens on his face. Knowledge is indeed a power, and when the acquiring public began to recognize the dangers of traditional makeup, the era of mineral makeup was inaugurated.

Extracting minerals from land-based sources such as plants, herbs and soils. manufacturer to produce a nontoxic and durable makeup that will not result in a violent reaction. Returning to nature by using natural sources is better for our skin, our body and our environment.

While some might consider mineral harvesting to create cosmetics as an attack on our ecosystem, the opposite is true. The use of natural products as a base results in the addition of less harmful emissions to our ecosystem. In addition, natural products are usually biodegradable. Cosmetics chemically produced, do not decompose, but can be washed in the ground, effectively adding their poison to the soil.

So, mineral makeup has good reasons to be in the limelight. Not only is it available in rich and varied colors and textures, but it is better for our skin, our health and the world we live in.


Source by Tiffany Windhurst

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