Why Use Perfume Oils?


I've always been a fanatic of perfumes, the only problem was that they cost a fortune. Another problem was that I never liked using the same fragrance everyday, I wanted the flexibility to experiment with different fragrances that normal edt sprays did not allow me to do because of their price.

This led me to discover scented oils during a visit to the Middle East. I was immediately hooked when I saw scented oils. What are the reasons why?

The biggest benefit of buying perfume oils was the price, I mean they're so cheap compared to what you'd pay in the high street. This gives you the chance to buy 10 different fragrance oils rather than just 1 high street fragrance.

Have you ever smelled perfume oils, those that look like designer perfumes? They are very similar to perfumes, amazing on how similar is achieved. This was also one of the reasons I switched to the use of fragrance oils because the smell was exactly the same.

I do not know about you, but I've always had a problem with the scent that reflects, I want my scent to last all day, something that I have not managed to get with normal perfume sprays. But perfume oils have solved this problem. Because of their price, I was able to apply without having to worry about it.

Another reason that perfume oils have such longevity is because they are not diluted with alcohol that actually kills the fragrance but in sprays it is an ingredient necessary to be sprayed properly.


Source by Sadia Shakoor

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