Windmills of the vertical axis – a home windmill design that is quiet and efficient


The vertical axis wind turbine may be just the breakthrough needed to make real progress toward the contribution of electricity generated by the wind to the average homeowner. It is not a secret that the cost of almost all forms of energy has increased at an unprecedented rate. Yet, we are surrounded by so much clean, free wind energy that we waste day after day.

Domestic power plants for the production of electricity, whether they use vertical axis wind turbines or the more familiar horizontal axis type, are not exactly a new concept. But, one of the main reasons they have not been used by more houses is that they are just too expensive. New commercial systems can cost from $ 8,000 to over $ 20,000 for purchase and installation.

The Make-Your-Own-Windmill Movement Solved the Price Problem

Along came inexpensive and sometimes even free materials, including low-cost DC motors necessary to generate energy. This, with good windmill plans to make simple but effective horizontal windmills, has reduced the cost to around $ 200 with a return on investment ranging from a few weeks to a few months. (The horizontal axis windmills look like a big airplane propeller).

Horizontal axis wind turbines are efficient but with some public relations problems

These horizontal wind turbines are very efficient in reducing electricity bills considerably, but there are still some lingering problems . been left for vertical wind turbines to the solution. Windmills sometimes face resistance in neighborhoods where houses are relatively close. So much so that in some cases zoning councils have refused these projects. Typical concerns have to do with the noise, appearance and safety of the blade in high winds.

The vertical axis windmill designs the rescue

The vertical axis windmill is designed so that its blades rotate around a vertical axis unlike the popular horizontal propellers of wind turbines. The advantages of vertical wind turbine design on the horizontal axis type are as follows:

1. The vertical windmill generates more electricity with less wind. It can be 50% more efficient in generating electricity because it captures the wind from all directions without having to move to cope with a change in wind direction.

2. Quieter

3. Safer in high winds

4. More aesthetic because the blades can be cleverly designed to blend into the surrounding environment

5. Birds are much less likely to fly in this windmill design

6. Easier and safer to maintain because the electric generator is located at ground level.

7. Solves many of the typical concerns of residential windmills in neighborhoods with houses located relatively close to each other.

It all starts with a clear plan

There has never been a better time to build a windmill. The need to reduce the cost of electricity has never been higher. The necessary technology, strong but light, in the form of inexpensive or even free materials is readily available. And most importantly, there are now excellent instructional textbooks written by authors willing to share their successful practical experience in the construction of horizontal or horizontal windmills .


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