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This is the time of year again; the time, families from all over the world come together to celebrate holidays. It is also the time of the year when begins the frenzy of cleaning . With visitors coming in and out of homes and family members arriving for their annual visit, the holiday season often revolves around cleaning periods rather than eating, drinking and being merry.

Window Cleaning – Advice and Methods of Avoidance

When it comes to cleaning your house, there is nothing more tedious than the chore of window cleaning. It's tedious, very rarely very effective and difficult to handle on ladders to access difficult to reach windows.

With regard to window cleaning, there are only three real options. You can hire a glass cleaner to take care of it, you can save the extra cost by cleaning the windows yourself or you can use the new revolutionary . cleaning glass .

For your windows to be beautiful and without traces, you must make sure that they are cleaned often. As tedious as it may be, it is necessary to maintain the aesthetic functions of glass windows. If you plan to clean the windows yourself, the following window cleaning tips may be helpful.

Window Cleaning Products

It is best to try some window cleaning products before choosing a preferred product. The options vary from to the store bought to for home solutions .

Many use products such as ammonia, vinegar, borax, alcohol or Epsom salts for glass cleaning. Home-made window cleaning solutions include soda (club) or a 50:50 vinegar and water-based solution that is particularly effective for heavily soiled windows .

One of the best tips I can give you for cleaning windows is never associate an acid with an alkaline when making your own solution. The use of an alkaline and acidic acid (ie vinegar and ammonia) will only create a neutralizing effect and will allow you to get back to where you started.

The Cleaning Process

It is best to clean your windows in cloudy weather because direct sunlight tends to dry the solution with which you clean your windows faster and leave you more long time. a lot of unsightly streaks and a lot less good mood than you started with.
Before you start cleaning the windows, wipe off any excess dirt – all this dust turns into mud once the water is introduced and the windows become harder to clean. Once you have dusted, use a hose to spray the windows and then apply the glass cleaning solution of your choice.

You can use a squeegee or a cloth to clean windows, but a squeegee will allow you to do it in less time. Once you have washed the windows, it's time to dry them. Use a squeegee, but make sure the blade stays dry at every stroke.
Good advice for cleaning windows for those who are ambitious enough to clean the interior and the outer glass must use different features on each side . By applying vertical lines on the outer glass and horizontal lines, you can see which side of the glass the inevitable scratches are.
Most homeowners choose the newspaper to dry the glass once clean, while it is inexpensive and highly efficient, the newspaper quickly disintegrates and tends to leave behind deposits on the glass, to avoid this use of a dry cotton towel. If you use newsprint, do not forget to wear gloves because the ink tends to become rather dirty. Once the glass is dry, you can use a table eraser to get a brilliant shine .

Removing stubborn dirt

For deposits of paint, resin or glue; Wet the surface then scrape them off with the help of a razor blade or scraper. Be sure to scratch only one way to avoid scratching the surface. Important: do not use sharp tools on the self-cleaning glass .

Tips for cleaning windows in winter

In winter, it is easy not to accumulate frost on the exterior windows by adding two glasses of antifreeze or alcohol to burn per gallon of wash water when window cleaning.

Avoid All Window Cleaning

The best way to avoid any external cleaning of the windows is strictly to install self-cleaning windows in your home. It's too good to be true?

Here's how self-cleaning glass works: an ultra-thin coating is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process. This coating has two very beneficial effects on glass . The first organic residues on the glass are decomposed by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and then by rain, soils are washed. Since the coating is hydrophilic, it does not form droplets when rain strikes, eliminating scratches. Rain water flows along the glass in a sheet and washes the dirt . If you do not have time to wait for the rain, a simple garden hose will be just as effective.

Self-cleaning glass makes life a lot easier and gives homeowners many reasons to use glass in building their home. What better than open and bright rooms with excellent views of the exterior facilitated by huge sheets of glass, without having to spend the day cleaning the glass?


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