Window mirrors to take away in the interior design industry in 2013


As in many industries, the interior design world is always looking for "the next big thing" and special products or innovations that can transform a room. Residential fashions and trends are evolving and evolving as fast as fashion fashions, and it is not uncommon for home décor trends to occur on a regular basis, with items from the past returning to fashion. Whether in a "retro" or vintage or even antique form, human beings indulge in nostalgia and feel comforted by familiarity.

Of course, all new marketed products represent a historical period or use. Window mirrors are a perfect example. Asserting that window mirrors have already been a detail among homeowners or decorators is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but they certainly had their place. Often used in outdoor spaces and landscaped gardens as ornaments that create intrigue and illusions of grandeur and space or in large mansions as part of a country design; The mirrors are now back! Whether your interior space is a studio or a mansion of a hundred rooms, from restaurants to office buildings, there is now a window mirror.

The window mirrors are exactly as they sound; mirrors that look like windows. Now available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, window mirrors can be found with arched finishes, crisscross frames that look like leaded windows and some even come with shutters. Interior architects now use this type of mirror in the home to create the illusion of space, light and depth beyond the wall on which it is placed.

Positioned at the end of a narrow hallway, The mirror makes the space longer than it actually is, which often leads people to wonder whether it's really about a window in the wall. Used in small spaces where windows or natural light are limited, these mirrors also help to bounce light into the room and create an impression of depth and therefore space.

in more theatrical designs creating focal points such as the impression of a porthole in a bathroom wall, a small tower window in a princess castle in a small girls room or a French coffee design in a kitchen. These "windows" give designers an interesting new dimension to play.

Window mirrors can be of ecclesiastical and mysterious quality, which may explain why they were used in outdoor spaces, evoking secret images. garden with fairy tales as qualities. To ensure their weather resistance, these mirrors were most often made with metal frames. Bring this type of mirror into the house and they really complement the Gothic or traditional decorating styles, often with domed or spire-like church qualities, especially at the top of the mirror and even with shelves or candle holders . This means that more modern and smaller designs are now on the market, making window mirrors a lot more decorative and complementary to the modern style home. Now, with more elegant and square frames made from natural wood or even moldings, mirrors are much more representative of the types of smaller windows that are found in modern homes.

Not only do they have the ability to create illusions of light and space, but from a design point of view, they work equally well as works of art. art, while remaining a functional purchase for your home.


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