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One of the most common repairs that people make around their homes is on their windows. The most common reasons for repairing windows are broken glass and sealant that is deteriorating, which is not only unattractive to the eyes, but also produces openings that allow the air to escape . Although anyone can always approach a professional to make repairs around the house, there are also some repairs that can be done by the members of the house and a broken window is one of the best 39 between them. If a family needs to replace the broken glass of a window, then they would just need a few things to be able to do it.

No matter who can do his own glass repair. Among the things that they just need to get if their glass has a broken glass are the glazier points, the flax seeds, a frosting compound and of course, a new glass pane. These things can all be found in any hardware store in the neighborhood or just about anywhere. However, to have more choices on the windows, you have to go to a glass store. Once, all the necessary equipment is at hand, everyone can already start repairing their broken window.

The first step in window repair is to remove the old broken glass and putty. This is made easier as linseed oil is applied to the putty and would be left to stay for about thirty minutes. Heating the sealant would also facilitate its removal. Once the putty is already malleable, the points of the glazier are the following to remove. However, to remove it, the glass must be completely broken. As soon as the glass has been removed and the frame has been cleaned of all the remains of the old putty, the boiled linseed oil must also be wiped off the old wood. This prevents the wood from having the oil that is in the glazing compound.

The installation of the glazing compound on the frame of the window on which the new window will be fixed is the next step in the repair of the windows. As soon as the glass is put, the glazier points should be placed using a putty knife or glazing tool every four inches to keep the glass in its place. The dots should be inserted directly and firmly into the wood, against the glass. To seal the glass, more glazing compound must be applied. One must make sure that half of the glazing is fixed on the glass while the other half must be in the frame. After a few days, these new windows can already be painted. However, you should also paint the edge of the glass just before the frame to seal the glazing.


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