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Window treatments are fabulous.

Why? For a well-dressed windows add wow to any room in the house. And they are functional too, they can be used to block light, create privacy, soften sounds, attract attention to big sights (or hide the less pleasant), and more.

To help you understand the window treatment styles that suit your home and your tastes, here is an overview of the basic types. You do not want to spend a fortune? I'll throw in some easy DIY ideas to dress up your existing curtains and shades too.


Curtains generally hang on stems Rings, legs or fasteners and are pulled by hand or closed to the hand.

Drapery panels tend to have more formal air than curtains. This type of window treatment is made in a variety of styles and fabrics to fit large and small windows. The curtains are attached to a rod with hooks that open and close by simply pulling a cord.

The blinds are used to control light and privacy and can be used with other window treatments or alone.

Hues are used to block light and protect privacy. Styles include simple roll shades; Shades from top to bottom; Roman canvases with smooth and defined folds;

Cornices are attached to the wall at the top of the window.

Valances like cornices, are hung on glass panels Across the top of the windows, cover the curtain bars and add structural interest .


The tricky part about window treatments is deciding which of the fabric valences can be adapted to create a distinctive shape or loosely draped over the Top of the window. To be used and in which combination. Some questions to ask you:

What is the style of my windows and the room in which they are?

Formal, Window treatments printing may seem absolutely ridiculous in a contemporary home, while inexpensive blinds probably will not do justice to a bank of windows in a Formal framework. I prefer simpler hues and curtains on layers of gaudy fabrics in my own home, but there is something to say for a well designed, formal or dining room with exquisite fabric folds framing a window.

What is the function of the room?

This can guide the materials you select for your window treatments. For example it is smart to choose moisture-resistant fabrics for bathroom windows and those that are easy to clean for windows near heavier use areas of the kitchen.

Trick your eyes thinking that your small windows are larger by positioning the curtain rod above the top of the window . Are your windows too narrow? Extend the rod beyond the sides of the window frame. Or if you are lucky to have large windows, but they are out of scale with the size of your rooms and the furniture in them, opt for simple treatments with minimal layers and patterned fabrics To minimize the scope.

If you like natural light as much as me, you might want pure fabric panels and nothing more. But consider issues such as: privacy (so neighbors can not see you making coffee right after you stumble out of bed in the morning), control the light (if you want it as dark as possible when (19459002)

Oh, and do not forget to consider how your windows look from

Formal window treatments with their many layers and multiple Fabrics and patterns require more sewing and decoration know-how than this Know-It- Everything is ready to jump right now.But informal window treatments are a breeze to make on yourself.

Add oomph to store-bought curtains (or panels that you sewed yourself) with ribbons, buttons, arches, beads,

The curtains of your own coffee-them

Create a personalized roll shade by purchasing a DIY roller shade kit from 39; a craft store or fabrics. Or buy unique roll shades and decorate them with acrylic paint – try stamped shapes, hand-held flowers, peas or stripes. Do you still feel astute? Tape hot glue along the bottom edge of the shadow, create a pull of shadow with the remaining ribbon and a charm, and voila! Or if the bare windows call your name, tear these curtains down as Scarlett O 'Hara did in Gone With the Wind and make you a dress.


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