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The biggest problem when choosing the design of your wine cellar is to decide if you want to build a more functional cellar, or a place where you entertain guests and do wine tastings. In either case, you will need a certain amount of space to build your cell, but you must choose a different design.

If you decide to build a functional cellar or cellar, just have 3.5 feet on a wall to be able to tidy up the shelves and the refrigeration unit, while still having enough room. space to walk. and get a bottle.

If you want your winery to be used for recreational purposes, you will obviously need a much larger space and a different design. If you want to have a tasting room, or any other space, think about what you would like everything to be in one room, or do you want your entertainment space to be outside of the refrigerated environment. If you want to serve wine, you may want to incorporate a table top into your cellar.

Here are some other things to consider when choosing the wine cellar: do you want your cellar to store other items around bottles, such as glasses, wine accessories, cigars? or other bottles of alcohol. It is always best to have some of these accessories on hand, rather than come and go regularly in the kitchen to get them.

Traditionally, most cellular designs are designed for sequoia. The cellars are often built in redwood because it is a great wood for this purpose, it treats very well the moisture. You can also consider other options, such as mahogany, oak, cherry and maple. Many people like to build wine cellars using unfinished wood, because you can color it any color or lacquer you like. The only type of wood that you should keep out in the design of your home cellar is cedar. Cedar and other spotted woods are not a good option for wine cellars, because this scent can sometimes enter the wine bottle and some people claim that the wine tastes a little different.


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