Winter coat repair


I bought black woolen material at a local sewing / fabric store. Make sure to measure the coat before going to the store. I told the seamstress of the fabric store what I needed and I received information on how to do the work.

On returning home, I measured the length of the front of the coat. Measured the width that I would need for the front and the back of the dress edge. Cut the material for both front faces of the coat. I used a sewing machine to sew the material on the coat. After noticing how much it looked, I decided to repair another coat.

My green forest coat needed to be repaired and the front edges of both sides repaired. I bought a binder cover and black wool material for that. Once again measured the length of the dress and measured for the width of the front and back of the dress edge. Sewn on a sewing machine. The wrists I used the binding of the cover and performed the sewing at the wrists hand. Save with pleasure the money and the two coats! Then I decided to repair a ski parka and an autumn jacket with the binding of the wrists, collar and bottom with a similar quality material. I did sewing by hand on a ski parka and an autumn jacket because it is easier than using the sewing machine.

Now I'll be happy to wear the four coats and it looks great. Earn another couple of years of wear and tear. If you do not know if you are able to do it yourself, check the cost of wearing your coats or jackets to a seamstress for repair. It might be worth it.


Source by Carole Johnson

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