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Windows uses the WNAspi and WNASPI32.dll files to make it easier to perform some CD / DVD burning tasks. Roxio, SmartBurn and Nero Burning Rom are some of the programs that commonly use this file to integrate and improve the burning capability of Windows. However, despite the functionality of these files, they have been reported to cause major problems by several computer users, causing errors and other problems. The typical error message alerts that would appear on your screen when you encounter this error are as follows:

"The file wnaspi32.dll is missing."

"Unable to start Windows.A required component is missing: wnaspi32.dll Please reinstall the application."

"This application could not start because wnaspi32.dll did not start Reinstallation of the application can solve this problem. "

" Can not find wnaspi32.dll "

" wnaspi32.dll not found "

What are the causes of WNAspi32.dll errors? ?

Errors occur because of several reasons. There may be some issues with your programs that are causing errors, or the winaspi.dll file has bad components. It is also possible that you have setbacks in your registry. To resolve this problem, you must first know what the specific cause is, then take the necessary actions to fix it.

How To Fix WNAspi32.dll Errors

You can start by identifying the specific applications that make the surface of the errors. This is easy enough because alerts appear every time you run the problematic program. Once you have determined the "culprits", you must remove them and reinstall them. This can be done by selecting "Start" and then locating "Control Panel" and then clicking "Add / Remove Programs". After that, select in the applet the programs you want to delete, then press the "Uninstall" button. This will remove programs from your PC. You can choose to reinstall programs using an installation CD / DVD or by downloading an installation file over the Internet.

The last step to completely fix this error is to clean the registry of your PC. The "registry" is a large database where the settings of your files and programs are stored by Windows. The operation needs to read these settings every time you ask it to access your files and programs, and so this is a very important area of ​​your PC. However, the registry often suffers damage, or is infected, or sometimes just gets clogged, which means that Windows is no longer able to access the settings needed to load programs. As such, issues like wnaspi.dll errors are triggered. To repair the registry, you must download and run a registry cleaner program to eliminate any errors here and restore your computer to its original operating state again.


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