Women and Body Dysmorphic Disorder


The dysmorphic disorder of the body is a dangerous psychological disorder in which the person is excessively obsessed by perceived defects in his physical features. Sometimes, the disorder manifests itself in a general feeling of having a lower appearance, despite any evidence to the contrary. Other times, a person suffering from this type of disorder will attach to a part of the body to the point of suffering from depression, anxiety and social withdrawal.

While only 1% to 2% of people meet the diagnostic criteria for dysmorphic disorder More than half of them are women. The cause is unknown. The psychological, environmental or physical factors that influence the development of the disorder are relatively unknown. However, there appears to be a link between dysmorphic disorder and previous abuse.

The symptoms of dysmorphic body disorder are most commonly seen in young adults. But the disorder has been found in children and older adults, but much less frequently. The biggest risks are major depressive disorders and increased risk of suicide. In fact, the suicide rate in people with dysmorphic disorders is actually much higher than in people with major depression.

Treatment of the disorder involves a multidimensional approach including psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and some antidepressants. Psychological disorders are often imperceptible and rejected. It is important to take care not only of your physical health but also of your psychological health. Many women have not noticed that they already have troubles or even if they feel different, they ignore the symptoms until they turn into chronic depression.


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