Women's Body Language – Understanding What They Mean


Men would always say that women in general are very mysterious. Sometimes they say one thing and want another. They would tell you that they are fine whereas in reality they feel bad. And since their words are not so reliable, men have found it necessary to understand the body language of women instead.

But what is there to know about their body language?

If you find that you still have no idea of ​​women and their behavior, read on if this is for you.

1. Bending down, playing with their hair and flapping their lashes are all signs that they are really interested in you. If they start focusing on the details – which means that they remember everything you said, they begin to congratulate you on the fragrance or the clothes you wear, so that means that their interest goes a little further.

2. Frequent touches on your forearms and making an effort to stay connected to the area between your shoulders to your hipbone, are indications that they are ready to go intimate with you.

3. On a different note, you'll know if a woman is not yours they seem distant and distracted while you talk to them. The most obvious signs include facing you with her arms crossed in front of her and often turning her eyes away when you are on a date with her.

4. Hands on the hips with one of their raised eyebrows and closed lips in a tight line simply mean that they are furious. Yes, some women would tend to have shrieks, but if you have a more humble partner, these actions are telltale signs that you are in a battle.

5. Direct contact with the eyes while you speak means that she is comfortable with you and that she is interested in everything you are talking about. Although it is tempting enough to watch it for a long time, avoid doing it because it really makes it feel uncomfortable.

6. Drums of her fingers or playing with whatever she puts her hand means that she usually gets bored. So when you see these gestures, it's your signal to start thinking again about the interest.

7. If she makes an effort to have just about anything between you, it may mean that marriage is a problem with her. If you feel that it is becoming uncomfortable, give it a little respite before deciding to get closer again.

These are common body expressions that a woman is likely to show you are with her. Although these facilitate understanding, you should always refrain from generalizing. You should always consider the general mood and tone of your conversation as these signs may take on different meanings in different situations. Plus, when you are already in a relationship with her, it would always be best to encourage her to communicate her feelings with you to eliminate the conjectures of your relationship.


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