Women's Body Language


Oh yes, the female body. These curves, the silky skin, the pair of bright eyes and the heart-shaped lips make men crazy. But aside from the physical characteristics, the woman's body is programmed to send signals that men could use wisely.

Much has been said about female body language. They claim that deciphering it correctly will lead you to the heart of a woman. With that, here are some pointers on where you bought to watch while trying to find out what women are trying to say at times when they say absolutely nothing.

Eyes – Do not let your senses go too far if the woman of your desire has mesmerizing eyes, because when decoding her body language, you have to focus on these two jewels.

Initiating eye contact with her is a good start but if she turns her eyes away, do not worry. Observe if she is staring at her hair, playing with her necklace or if she is doing something useless after looking elsewhere. These nervous gestures are signs that she might be interested in you.

But once you have already bought him some glasses, his eyes must obviously be fixed on you. If she continues to look away, you probably have already bored to death.

The Mouth – The best thing you'll see in a woman is when she curls her lips to a radiant smile. If she smiles at you from a distance, that's a no-brainer. Go talk to him.

Remember that a woman's smile involves a lot of positive things – she's happy to spend time with you, she's having a good time, she's grateful to have met you and so much more . Keep her smiling all night and you could have this one in the bag.

Body and Arms – While a woman's body will certainly attract your eyes, you may want to watch her as you try to get her attention. She is interested if she directs her body (or her shoulders) in front of you – another sign for you to walk towards her. As you talk to him, the experts say that if a woman unconsciously puts her hand on her shoulders or arms, she is inexplicably hungry for you to touch her on those areas.

But when a woman crosses her arms, you can change strategy or go back a bit because you just put her in defense mode. Maybe you said something that made her nervous or uncomfortable. Make sure you do something about it or your attention will quickly pass to the other guys nearby.

Keep in mind that when it is the opposite sex, women have one thing to do for their body to speak. But while men have no choice but to play this game, always remember that the rewards here could have been more incredible than you think.


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