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Elle Decor magazine is the author of an article that would like to see your name. Without forgetting that it pays well, publishing at Elle Decor is very prestigious and would be at the top of all the resume of the writer. Writing any topic related to home decoration requires a good job to do before proposing your aspiring article to grab the editor's eye.

Choose the right topic

The houses presented in Elle The magazine Decor is only the most beautiful and the most elegant. So if you are launching an article on chic chic or primitive decoration, the editor is unlikely to want your writing. The houses that correspond to Elle Decor magazine can be found in every city, but you, the writer, need to determine where. A good place to look is the Christmas or spring tour of your city in the homes. Only the owners who have an exceptional decoration and are proud of it would put their house on tour.

Having identified a home you think you are meeting the standards of Elle Decor magazine, check past problems to make sure that this particular home has never been profiled. Also, be sure to suggest a new approach. The publisher will never take a story on the distinctive topiary of a house, for example, if it ran another topiary story the previous month.

The editorial board of Elle requires sophistication first, but beyond, the magazine features styles from around the world. Although the magazine is originally French, the style of home decor is rather international.

Send your request

Just like in any magazine, you should inquire about Elle Decor's editorial guidelines – the magazine's rules for submission. The guidelines will specify the word limit for each section: characteristics, reviews and trends. Some publishers require that you send relevant images with your submission. The reference to your previously published work is also a common requirement.

Being such a prestigious magazine, Elle Decor does not highlight good contact information and editorial guidelines. Getting this information and sending a dazzling letter to the right person at the right time is actually a part of your argument. If you can get a piece of paper in front of the right editor – a very busy woman with lots of secretaries to intercept bad letters – this probably shows you the tenacity of a good writer.

If you are new to writing, starting with Elle Decor will be hardly possible because the previously published articles are a must. You can write for other magazines, get experience with good references, then try to access Elle Decor taking into account the suggestions above.


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