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Well, we all know that the XBOX 360 has its flaws, but like most things, there are hidden and obvious problems. There are your primary error codes which are determined by the amount of flashing red lights, and the secondary codes …

Secondary error codes can be determined by a code of error. "hidden" error based on the series in which the lights are flashing. These "codes" are linked to the RRoD.

Turn on the XBOX 360 and wait for the 3 red lights to flash:

* Press and hold the sync button (small white) while holding down the button.

* The LEDs now flash the first digit of the code (as described below).

* Release the eject button and press it again.

* The LEDs now flash the second code number.

* Release the eject button and press it again.

* The LEDs now flash the third digit of the code.

* Release the eject button and press it again.

* The LEDs now flash the fourth code number.

* Release the eject button and press it again.

* The LEDs will return to the 3 red flashing lights.

How to find the error code hidden:

* The four lights flash – 0

* A flashing light – 1

* Two lights flashing – 2 [19659002] * Three flashing lights – 3

0001: Power problem

0002: Network interface problem

0003: Power problem: Could be the PSU could be the GPU / CPU, somehow the console does not get the clean energy of the power source.

0010: Overheating.

0011: Overheating: If you receive this error after disassembling your console, make sure that the 8 heat sink screws are tight in the holes of the card / heat sink.

0012: Overheating.

0013: Overheating.

0021: DVD player timeout – May be caused by problems with a firmware flash. This is also intended to be occasionally caused by a problem with the south bridge chipset on the motherboard.

0022: GPU / GPU overheating error.

0102: Unknown Error:

* Although her most likely GPU literally refers to the console, she does not know what's wrong. maybe a short or cold seal sold somewhere. Until now, there is a major theory to explain most of these errors: the RAM, the processor or the GPU are not welded properly to the motherboard due to poor manufacturing or cycles of excessive heating and cooling that stress, weaken and eventually break the soldered connection. Want a solution? See below 0103: CPU Error / CPU Overheat – See Solution for Error 0102.

0110: Memory Error / Memory Overheat – See Solution for Error 0102.

1003: Hard drive error: This can cause problem Drive itself or a problem with the internal connection to the hard drive, Try to remove the hard drive and play without it

1010: Hard drive error : Can be caused to buy a corrupted or missing eProm.

1022: AV cable error: There is a problem with the AV cable, try to use another AV cable. (could also be a problem with the encoder chip).

1023: DVD player not connected, connect the DVD player to start.


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