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It may seem that women are trying to hide behind their cosmetics. It's wrong in every sense of the word. Makeup is not meant to cover your face, but to enhance the natural beauty that is there. A little perfume does not cover the way you smell; It helps you feel better. Nobody said you had to hide; It's just a way to bring out your beauty.

Cosmetics, with all that lasts, and perfume, have long been on women. list of favorite things. There is always room to buy more makeup as you use it constantly. Each article lasts long enough; but there are always new things you usually need.

As this is a favorite, there is plenty to do. Wherever you go there are cosmetics and perfumes that are waiting to be put in your basket. Beautiful packages and baskets filled with different cosmetics make perfect gifts; you can illuminate (and make beautiful) the face of any woman with that.

There are people who believe in the natural look. It's quite understandable, but not everyone can go completely naked without makeup on their faces. They also feel unattractive without that and feel as if it's a necessity for them; and why not? There is nothing wrong with stamping on a makeup to feel and look beautiful. This does not mean that you are not beautiful just because you apply makeup.

What a false idea is; and an unfair to that. Why does a woman need to feel as if she is covering things on her face or that she is only beautiful with makeup? It is very unfair; and false. Makeup is a way to bring out the natural glow and beauty of a woman.

There are ways to limit it if you want to go in a more natural way and feel that you still need a bit of editing. You can go with the very basics, and you can always add to that. A great way to start is with a nice base or concealer that will even out your complexion and smooth lines and wrinkles on your face.

Then, a little blushing and tanning is always a great way to add some color and bring out yours in the process. No need to stack it; a few subtitles of the brush are enough, and you will already notice the ease and lightness of it. To add a little more, apply a thin layer of lipstick or lip gloss. This will tie all this together and add a splash of color. This will give you the appearance of wearing makeup but not too much. Finally, quickly spray a drop of perfume, but not too much because you do not want it to be too noticeable. This is an excellent starting point to become natural. Of course, you can always add more things because there is a lot to put.

The weave makeup does not need to define who you are. It's just helping you to be more yourself and to bring out your natural beauty. There is no need to worry about applying cosmetics to your liking; that's what women are supposed to do. Do not hide behind your makeup; kiss it by improving your already beautiful face.


Source by Tamar Rosen

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