Your New Tattoo – Five Things You Should Avoid at All Costs


Getting a tattoo, whether it's your first, fifth or tenth should be a pleasurable experience that results in you having a piece of body art that you will cherish for life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you make a mistake, you may have to end an extra cost and pain to remove it or cover it up, or you could be stuck with a tattoo that you do not like.

Here are five things you can do to avoid this situation:

1: Do not get tattooed by impulse.

By far the most common cause of regretting a tattoo is when you have not considered it. Avoid the tattoo parlor when you have been drinking and do not leave the street to pick a model on the spot. Remember "tattoo in a hurry, repent at leisure".

2: Do not succumb to peer pressure.

Yes, this applies to friends and colleagues who constrain you, but there are more minority and persuasive forms of peer pressure. Celebrities, popular culture and the media can influence you just as much; Just look at the changing trends in fashion to see the power of this form of peer pressure. So, do not get tattooed just because it's fashionable now.

3: Do not take the meaning of someone else for your tattoo.

Experts in all fields around the world disagree about meanings and different cultures interpret symbols according to their own culture, which could be the opposite of your intention. If you want a tattoo symbol or writing in a foreign language (Chinese and Japanese symbols are popular now) check the meanings of your chosen design from more than one source, and make sure that it has meaning to you, rather than accepting someone else. ; s means alone.

4: Do not use the wrong artist for your design.

As in all art forms, there are many styles and themes in the tattoo and the artists who print body art specialize in certain styles. You would not ask Rembrandt to paint a Picasso, so find an artist who masters the style of your choice, examine other examples of their work and ask for their opinion.

5: Do not use a dirty or unhealthy studio.

You may have followed all of the tips above and found the perfect tattoo, but if the studio you are using is not spotlessly clean, you may end up with more serious problems than you would. an unwanted tattoo. The tattooing process involves multiple needles piercing the skin and the ink being inserted; If the studio uses anything less than perfect hygiene standards, you could expose yourself to diseases and infections that are transmitted by blood.

A tattoo is for life and avoiding these common pitfalls will help you enjoy the rewards of doing it right and having a piece of body art that will give you pleasure for years to come.


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