Your Voice Over – Sacrificing Quality For Cost


There are two types of voiceover clients: conscious quality and budget. Although the budget is important, sacrificing the quality for hiring the cheapest, is ALWAYS a bad idea. Hiring a voice artist because they are cheap can cause all kinds of problems and, in the long run, will probably cost more than what you originally negotiated, not just financially!

Consider this: You own a funeral home and you need a professional voice to advertise your services. You do an online search or place your call with one of the many voiceover markets. In a few hours, you receive many samples of voice artists with varying degrees of experience, training and talent. The most appropriate voice for your particular project turns out to be more expensive than other quotes you receive, so you opt for the cheapest. This particular voice talent has a high voice with little emotion, does not seem very natural and their samples show poor editing skills, but they are the cheapest, so they will have to do … no ? FALSE!

First of all, it will probably take longer for an inexperienced vocal artist to get your script properly, have to do it repeatedly, re-record sections that sound flat or that lack emotion, you may even need to hire someone else to correct their mistakes or to re-record your script completely. Think about the extra costs involved! Now you have exceeded your budget by a reasonable amount!

Secondly, what message do you send to your potential customers using this voice? Do you really think that using this voice artist to represent your product or service will bring more customers or inquiries? Chances are it will not be! Using the wrong voice can often cost you customers and it can also cost you your reputation!

The most appropriate voice for your project may seem a little more expensive at first, with good samples, a natural sound and apparently more experience. Even though hiring this artist voice can take you on the budget to start, it's worth it!

Your reputation is at stake! Do not ruin it for your budget!


Source by Siobhan Denton

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